The Story of Santa Fe Railway Locomotive Design and Engineering!
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Cover Photo from Santa Fe Locomotive Development, Larry E. Brahser, Signature Press 2006

Santa Fe Design Genius

The genius, innovation, and daring of the mechanical engineers of the Atchison , Topeka and Santa Fe Railway was for many years an important and dominating, yet unrecognized influence in the development of steam locomotive technology.

Without knowing the true story, one might come away with the impression that all technological advancement flowed from the engineering genius of the various builder's founders, principal officers, and the design rooms they so closely supervised.  

The railway customer's mechanical engineering staff was portrayed, when mentioned at all, in the role of bystanders, benefiting from the expertise of the manufacturer.  In the case of steam locomotives and early Diesel locomotives owned by the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, nothing could be further from reality.