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The Railroad Artifact Preservation Society, Inc.
Preserving Historically Significant Railroad Artifacts


The Railroad Artifact Preservation Society is a Texas non-profit corporation whose  primary purpose is to preserve, protect and restore Santa Fe Steam Locomotive No.   5000 “Madame Queen”.

The Santa Fe Railroad had an undeniably important impact on the development of the nation and our culture.  It is vital to preserve not only the history of the railroad but the significant artifacts such as Santa Fe Steam Locomotive No. 5000. 


In 2002, Sam D. Teague and Tom Warren Sr. of Amarillo formed the Railroad Artifact Preservation Society to preserve, protect and restore Santa Fe Locomotive No. 5000 known as the Madame Queen.  The ultimate goal was to house the locomotive inside a building custom designed for the purpose of preserving and displaying the locomotive.  In order to place the locomotive in a new building it had to be relocated to a new site.  The new site was acquired, and the locomotive was relocated in August 2005.  This event was filmed for the History Channel’s “Mega Movers” TV series. 

After the relocation, RAPS volunteers concentrated on the cosmetic restoration of the locomotive.  This restoration took three years and was completed in August of 2008 with financial support from the City of Amarillo and local businesses and individuals.  Many Amarillo citizens and others have expressed deep gratitude to the Society for their preservation efforts and continue to encourage the Society to develop the SFLD Museum.

In 2007 an agreement was made between the Society and Larry E. Brasher, author of Santa Fe Locomotive Development to use the contents of his book for the theme of the Santa Fe Locomotive Development Museum.  The book highlights the unique story of how Santa Fe developed their own locomotives starting in 1880 and culminating in the ultimate designs which were developed using the Madame Queen as an experimental test locomotive.  This story has never been told in a museum before and will make the SFLD Museum very unique.


Santa Fe Steam Locomotive No. 5000 is classified as a historically significant artifact and is registered with the Texas State Historical Commission.  The Society’s vision is to provide the Madame Queen a permanent home with a collection of materials relating to the role that the Santa Fe Railway’s Mechanical Department had in the development of “Supreme Steam” classes: the 3460 Class of 4-6-4s, the 3765 Class of 4-8-4s and the 5000 classes.  The 5000 will be the a traveling center piece of the Museum which will present a truly marvelous presence highlighting this story.

The museum will also showcase the brilliance of the men who designed these Classes, and the proficiency of the men who operated theses marvelous machines.


If your are aware of a  historically significant railroad artifact that needs to be preserved, please contact us.

Mission Statement

To create a world class museum related to the progress of steam locomotive design and development on the Santa Fe Railway and the powerful role played by Santa Fe men in these developments.

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Vision Statement

To preserve and transmit the value of not only the artifacts, but relate the significance of the artifacts and related history to the general public on a personal level.