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A Once in a Lifetime Opportunity is Here!

Become a “5000 (FIFTY HUNDRED) TEAM” member and help restore 5000 to steam                  operation.  We need many volunteers to make this dream a reality.  Let us know what
you like to do and how you want to participate in rstoring and operating this
magnificent steam locomotive. 

We have a place for every members talents and expertise. 

Above all, be SAFE, and HAVE FUN!

Are you a Boilermaker?  We need you on the FIFTY HUNDRED TEAM

You are invited to join the FIFTY HUNDRED TEAM TODAY!.

Membership Benefits:

*  Member Only Discounts on 5000 Merchandise including:
*  FIFTY HUNDRED TEAM hats/shirts
*  Member Only Access to Restoration Activities, Special Events, Safety Training,
                     Technical Data and RAPS Digital Archives.
                 *  Subscription to, “FIFTY HUNDRED TEAM NEWS”, sent to you quarterly by email.

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 Progress Rail Services becomes first FIFTY HUNDRED TEAM Corporate Member!

        5000 will be restored at the Progress Rail Services facility in Amarillo Texas! 

Progress Rail is one of the largest integrated and diversified suppliers of railroad and transit system products and services
in North America.  Their broad range of facilities includes locomotive upgrade and repair, railcar remanufacturing, rail
welding, rail repair and replacement, signal design and installation, maintenance of way equipment, parts reclamation
and recycling. Currently the company operates over 110 facilities in the United States, 28 in Mexico, four in Canada,
and one in South America.

The Railroad Artifact Preservation Soceity is forever grateful to Progress Rail Services for allowing
us to restore 5000 to steam at their excellent facility.

An open letter from Larry E. Brasher

         Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway pioneer 2-10-4, Locomotive 5000, The Madame Queen, is on the road to operating under full power again!  The most historically significant preserved prototype of Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe Railway supreme steam locomotive development is being completely refurbished and rebuilt to begin providing scheduled steam powered over the road passenger service.

         Locomotive 5000 was conceived as a technologically advanced state of the art working example of single        coupled steam power brought to perfection. Originated in the fertile imaginations of Santa Fe Mechanical Department executives John Purcell, Charles T. Ripley and Harold H. Lanning in 1926, complete design parameters were sent to Baldwin Locomotive Works for building in 1928. After completion despite rigorous debate with Baldwin concerning newly required manufacturing improvements, the 5000 began regular high speed freight operations in 1930. As she demonstrated her demanding yet superior powers on the road, Santa Fe operating personnel christened her Madame Queen. Equally powerful 2-10-4s of the 5001 Class in 1938 and the war babies of 1944’s 5011 Class followed.

         After a quarter century of daily service she was retired in 1955. Fortunately escaping the scrapper, she was donated for static display to the city of Amarillo, Texas.  After years of benign neglect, Amarillo businessman Sam Teague, a visionary railfan blessed with foresight and using his own resources, began a decade’s long effort to save her. Initially his goal was moving her to a secure location open to public view, and completing a complete exterior refurbishment. Once those two goals were completed, she now stands clean and proud in a fenced park, Sam embarked on the nearly impossible goal of seeing her operate again.  The next and final step is now at hand. Sam Teague has nearly reached his ultimate goal.

         Sam is overseeing the total rebuilding to operational standards of the Santa Fe’s pioneer supreme steam        locomotive 5000, the Madame Queen. 

         By bringing together and utilizing the man power and expertise of The International Brotherhood of Boilermakers, the donated services of asbestos removal provided by P&W Abatement of Amarillo, and the completely unfettered use of covered facilities, including heavy equipment handling, of Amarillo based Progress Rail Services, Sam has created a true “only in America” amalgam of individual private enterprise, organized labor and current manufacturing industry resources. 

         Progress Rail Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caterpillar.  Caterpillar purchased Progress Rail Services for $1 Billion cash. The Progress Rail Services car shop in Amarillo, although quite large, is only a small part of the overall Progress Rail Services corporate picture. 

         Progress Rail Services purchased EMD for $820 million in cash thus EMD is a wholly owned subsidiary of Progress Rail Services. Progress Rail Services now manufactures EMD SD70 locomotives with Caterpillar designed Diesel engines installed.  They compete with General Electric and produce both DC and AC versions. Progress Rail Services markets and sells their products worldwide and they have 110 facilities in the U.S. 

         To encourage this historical effort, I ask you to sustain this endeavor by joining the 5000 Fifty Hundred Team. A new website is in work and will be announced shortly. 

Best regards,

              Larry E. Brasher

Phase One:


         5000 will be relocated to the Progress Rail Services facility.  This will be accoomplished by laying  temporary track panels to the BNSF Yard (old FW&D) approximately one block north of the current display site.  The 5000 will be transferred from the temporary track panels to a spur where a diesel locomotive will take her  8-miles east to Progress Rail.

Phase Two:


         The asbestos abatement  work will be permormed by P & W Abatement of Amarillo, Texas.  P & W’s abatement team will start by removing the boiler jacketing, then go insode the cab to remove the jacket on the backhead.  Other items, such as smoke box door gasket and steam chest will be abated as well. 

         The required labratory testing will be performed by Apex Technical Services, also an Amarillo company,  for asbestos contamination. 

Phase Three:


Locomotive 5000 Restoration Proceedure

1.  Ascertain materials needed for restoration.
2.  Make report of any missing parts.
3.  Asbestos Abatement
4.  Wash-out front end and firebox.
5.  Disconnect Tender.
A.  Sand blast exterior and tank interiors.
B.  Prime interior and exterior
C.  Check frame for needed repairs
D.  Check decking for needed repairs
E.  Overhaul tender trucks
6.  Remove all pipes, gauges and boiler mountings
7.  Check condition of main, side rods and valve gear.
8.  Repair or replace all pipes around boiler and boiler mountings.
9.  Check condition of wheels, driving boxes and binders. repair/replace as needed.
10. Remove all parts not previously removed.
11. Inspect all cylinder bushings, valve chamber bushings, main frames and boiler to determine the exact extent                       and nature of  repairs required.
12. See that pedestal binders  are properly repaired and fitted
13. The spring and brake rigging is erected at the proper time.
14. Shoe and wedges are laid off properly.
15. Machine driving boxes and fitted to the driving wheels.
16. Bore cylinders and valve bushings
17. Install new or repaired piping on entire boiler
18. Make boiler ready for water tests
19. Install new lagging to boiler.
20. Apply boiler jacket.
21. Set safety valves.
22. Fill tender with water and oil
23. Trial runs
24. Final Adjustments

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