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Commemorative Granite Plaque Program
Preserving Railroad History One Block At A Time


The Queen’s Court of Honor will honor past and present railroad personnel, crew members, legends and others that have had an influence on the “Madame Queen”, and the history of railroading in the United States.  Now, you have an opportunity to personally honor the history of the Santa Fe Railway, the “Madame Queen” and other railroads by purchasing a Commemorative Granite Plaque for the Queen’s Court of Honor. 

The Plaques will be personalized and serve as a lasting tribute to the great men and women that serve the railroads past and present.  Maybe you don’t have any railroaders in your family.  That’s OK, you can purchase one for yourself or as a gift for someone who loves trains.

The Commemorative Granite Plaques will be positioned on the floor surrounding the “Madame Queen” AT&SF Steam Locomotive No. 5000.   This area around the “Madame Queen” is designated as the “Queen’s Court of Honor” Once the museum is opened to the public the Commemorative Granite Plaques will be viewed by thousands of people that will visit in the coming years. 

The Commemorative Granite Plaques can be inscribed with the name of the honoree, and can be enhanced with a railroad logo or a likeness of the “Madame Queen”.  The plaques are perfect for families, friends and dedications and will make a lasting impression when placed around this one-of-a-kind historic locomotive.  Official Certificates of Authenticity will be provided with each Commemorative Granite Plaque purchased.

Replica Commemorative Granite Plaque can also be purchased for display in your home or office.  The replicas are the same size and material as the original and have the same exact inscription.

Installation of the Commemorative Granite Plaque will be completed after the Santa Fe Locomotive Development Museum has been constructed.  In the mean time you’ll know that you have been a part of preserving the “Madame Queen” and our rich railroad heritage. 




●Queen’s Court of Honor at the Santa Fe Locomotive Development Museum to showcase thousands of Personalized Granite Plaques

●Once in a lifetime opportunity to Personally Honor the History of the Santa Fe Railway as well as the Rock Island, Fort Worth & Denver, Burlington Northern and Burlington Northern Santa Fe. 

These railroads were built by legendary men and women, starting in the mid 1800’s.  It has taken over 125 years for these railroads to develop and become legendary.  Now, train enthusiast can take part in creating this tribute to the railroads and the remarkable men and women who built and operated these legendary railroads.

Beginning in November 2008, Train enthusiasts and members of the Amarillo community will be able to help lay the foundation for the Santa Fe Locomotive Development Museum with a personalized plaque that celebrates their memories of the railroads and recognizes their favorite friend or family member who worked for the railroad or had a passion for trains.

The COMMEMORATIVE GRANITE PLAQUES are a perfect way to honor a special person or memory, as each plaque can be inscribed with a customized message.  The “QUEEN’S COURT OF HONOR” COMMEMORATIVE GRANITE PLAQUE PROGRAM also allows train enthusiast to celebrate their favorite railroad or loved one with a railroad or RAPS logo or a likeness of the “Madame Queen” inscribed on the plaque. 

RAPS sponsors and friends are very passionate about our rich railroad legacy and have made it possible for “Madame Queen” to be relocated to her new site and then be restored to original beauty.  Now is the time to put her inside the Santa Fe Locomotive Development Museum so that she will be protected and preserved for future generations to enjoy. 

There are several unique ways to be a part of the Commemorative Granite Plaque Program  The plaques are available in two sizes – 12” x 12” and 24” x 24” – which will be placed in the Queen’s Court of Honor area inside the Santa Fe Locomotive Development Museum.  The 12 x 12 plaques will allow up to four lines of customized inscription.  The 24 x 24  plaque will allow up to eight lines of customized inscription.

The customized inscription can recognize a friend or family member, celebrate a railroad moment, show support for a particular event or honor a favorite railroad legend.  This makes the plaque a perfect holiday gift for December, Father’s Day, birthdays etc.

Participating railroads include AT&SF, BN, Rock Island, FW&D and BNSF.  Logos are available for these railroads and have been approved for use by BNSF.  All logos are approximately 4 inches square.

Enthusiasts can order a replica of their Commemorative Granite Plaque for the honoree for display at home.  Each replica plaque is exactly the same size and material as the original and features the identical inscription of the plaque that will be installed in the “Queen’s Court of Honor” in the SFLD Museum. 

The Commemorative Granite Plaque Program offers an affordable way to establish a lasting tribute and is priced in line with other collectible and commemorative merchandise.  The 12 x 12 Plaques are $350.00 with customized inscription and logo.  The 12 x 12 replica plaques are $150.00. 

The 24 x 24 plaque are $1800.00 with two lines of 1 ½” customized inscription, eight lines of ¾” customized inscription and 6” logo.  24″ x 24″ plaques are limited edition of 100.  Make your reservation early to gaurantee availability.

A portion of the Commemorative Granite Plaque Program purchase is tax-deductible.  A payment plan is also available with three equal monthly installments.  Call for payment plan setup and details at 806.674.0472

To order your Commemorative Granite Plaques call 806.674.0472

DON’T MISS OUT– CALL NOW – QUANITIES ARE LIMITED!!!   Reserve your plaques now! – RAPS will bill you later!  Ask for details

About the Santa Fe Locomotive Development Museum

The Commemorative Granite Plaque Program is managed by the Railroad Artifact Preservation Society, Inc. Board of Directors.  RAPS is a 501(c)3 tax exempt corporation. 

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