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Lego Model Of 5000
by Beat Felber

This model of 5000 was completed by Beat Felber of Switzerland.  Here is what he wrote about the model.

“This model of 5000 is made of standard LEGO bricks, except for the wheels which are manufactured by a LEGO fan in the US and which are fully compatible to the LEGO system.

The idea to build this locomotive came after I first saw the original back in March of 2006, and after the above mentioned wheels were released. But it took another visit to Amarillo in September 2008 until I finally decided that I would try to build that model.  I am usually more into construction and mining equipment than trains.   Nevertheless the build was fascinating and I can imagine that I will do further train creations. There are also five train cars available for the locomotive.   I will have to take pictures of the whole train later this year, maybe outdoors.”

Model Maker
Beat Felber
(be-ought) Felber
More of Beat’s lego creations can be found at

Best Regards from Switzerland!

Thanks Beat for the great lego model of 5000 and for sharing it with us!!!